Fast Facts!
Hello Hello! Here Yahli with the section about our favorite dragons! These are a few fast facts to get to know to all of them a little more at a glance. I hope you like it!!

- From : Yahli Morningstar

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Banned User

Banned User tribid... IceWings.. NightWings... SandWings... blood... thats what Sunny is... it is suprisingly also mentioned in my scroll on sandwings

Vera Sorenson

Vera Sorenson Nice

Isabella Snapdragon

Isabella Snapdragon :o <3

Camilla Hartwin

Camilla Hartwin Love these! <3 Keep up the great work!

Loren Oakes

Loren Oakes Oh great work Mama Boysen - I love this!

Ashlynn Holland

Ashlynn Holland Wait... She is a hybrid? Or is she a tribrid, with a distant relation to the IceWings

Jace Wayland

Jace Wayland noice

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