Happy Easter!
Today is a special day for many people out there. It is Easter Sunday, so I will dedicate this blog to tell you the story of that day.

- From : Yahli Morningstar

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Misty Wave

Misty Wave I rly like that!

Elisia Tribio

Elisia Tribio My dad always said it was a trick to cover up the truth- but its nice...

Toxic poison

Toxic poison gmail me pls!

Toxic poison

Toxic poison yahli morning pls help me i don't understand the game??

Wren Whitaker

Wren Whitaker Allelulia!

Ashlynn Holland

Ashlynn Holland From Jesus to the easter bunny XD Great article!

Arian mon

Arian mon This follows the exact story from the bible!

Zilla Summers

Zilla Summers I never knew the story behind the Mighty Easter bunny til now XD

Garrett Marshall

Garrett Marshall How interesting!!

Kethra Storm

Kethra Storm Very intriguing--I didn't realize that the Easter bunny tied into the original Easter story!

Tauriel Greenleaf

Tauriel Greenleaf Nice article! Will there be something for the orthodox Easter, too?

Roman Hearthstone

Roman Hearthstone That's really interesting! I didn't know the story behind the Easter bunny! C:

Regina Woods

Regina Woods Great article Yahli!

Jeb Hydro

Jeb Hydro Wow!

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