Guess That Dragon | #2
Want to test your Wings of Fire knowledge? Take a crack at the riddle of the week to see what Dragon the riddle might reveal!

- From : Alexander Winters

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Star Amberhood

Star Amberhood Moonwatcher, but it sounds like Clearsight a bit, they did both go through Darkstalker

Cara Liu

Cara Liu Moonwatcher or Clearsight

Banned User

Banned User Maybe it's Clearsight

Banned User

Banned User Maybe it

Luna Lundmark

Luna Lundmark MoonWatcher

Bug Claw

Bug Claw Moonwatcher

Foreat Ruby

Foreat Ruby Moonwacher

Aggro Fire

Aggro Fire Moonwatcher

Luna Eclipse

Luna Eclipse Moonwatcher

Tyler Finn

Tyler Finn moon

Anna Beaumier

Anna Beaumier Moonwatcher!!! The best!

Caramel Nighthunter

Caramel Nighthunter Moonwatcher

Ash Falls

Ash Falls Moonwatcher or darkstalker but probibly moonwatcher

Chrystal oh

Chrystal oh Definitely Moonwatcher!!!

Night Jewel

Night Jewel *Moonwatcher

Night Jewel

Night Jewel Monnwatcher

Marigold Chase

Marigold Chase Moonwatcher oo or peril since she burned the scroll and had Firescales

Shoshana Ellington

Shoshana Ellington Oh guys, *this one* is me, definitely.

glow catcher

glow catcher Moonwatcher

Luna Dark

Luna Dark Seems like Moon to me

Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga Moonwatcher I believe

Alpha moon

Alpha moon Moonwatcher

Taylor Hocking

Taylor Hocking Moon

Dawn Sapphire

Dawn Sapphire Moonwatcher

Crystal Sunshine

Crystal Sunshine I know the answer is Moonwatcher but why not be different? So Clearsight is my answer!

Dawn Eclipse

Dawn Eclipse MoonWatcher aka Moon

Eben Drebert

Eben Drebert Moonwatcher

Skyler Evergreen

Skyler Evergreen Moonwatcher

doe rosea

doe rosea moonwatcher

doe rosea

doe rosea i only read first 5 books so go easy on me

Rose Pebble

Rose Pebble Moonwatcher :)

Jemma Mist

Jemma Mist Moonwatcher!

Ivy Thornbranch

Ivy Thornbranch Moonwatcher!

Micheal Afton

Micheal Afton Stonemover?

Night Diamond

Night Diamond Hmmm, Moonwatcher or Darkstalker?

Sienna Lily

Sienna Lily Stonemover?

Noki Ryui

Noki Ryui Moon

Harmony Starling

Harmony Starling Moonwatcher~~~~

Aims Cody

Aims Cody Moonwatcher!

Clover Fox

Clover Fox Moonwatcher

Corpse Shadowstalker

Corpse Shadowstalker Moonwatcher Mind reading and foretelling the future

Cherry Fern

Cherry Fern Moon: Mindreading futuretelling

Salvador Sun

Salvador Sun uh well, you know. So I can just; Luna ofc /j

Foresight Sapphire

Foresight Sapphire Moonwatcher!

Hazel Broadwing

Hazel Broadwing MoonWatcher

qibli Merlin

qibli Merlin moonwatcher

Regan Birthloom

Regan Birthloom Moonwatcher

Riley Shattuck

Riley Shattuck Moonwather of the NightWings

Aiko Jina

Aiko Jina Moonwatcher

Hope Draven

Hope Draven Moonwatcher, I think...

Kenji Kai

Kenji Kai moonwatcher?

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