Guess That Dragon | #3
Want to test your Wings of Fire knowledge? This is the perfect place to do so! See if you can figure out the riddles to figure out the dragon of the week!

- From : Alexander Winters

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Liola Wira

Liola Wira Luna

Hazel Alaxntrix

Hazel Alaxntrix Blue and Luna

Moon Nova

Moon Nova Blue and Luna

Star Amberhood

Star Amberhood Blue and Luna

Jake Qutanian

Jake Qutanian Blue and Luna

Michael Turner

Michael Turner Blue and Luna

Charmelia Mertz

Charmelia Mertz Cricket and blue

Cara Liu

Cara Liu Luna and blue

Sam Scales

Sam Scales Cricket and Blue

Violet Dragonblood

Violet Dragonblood Luna and Blue.

Tempest Frost

Tempest Frost Luna & Blue

Amber Stormclaws

Amber Stormclaws Luna and Blue, maybe Admiral too

Storm Queen

Storm Queen Luna and Blue

Rush Willow

Rush Willow Admiral

Banned User

Banned User Maybe it's Peril and Clay

Luna Lundmark

Luna Lundmark Blue and Luna

Bug Claw

Bug Claw Blue and Luna

Alpaca Dragonoid

Alpaca Dragonoid Definitely Blue.

Foxey Diamond

Foxey Diamond Blue, Luna or possibly Admiral

Foreat Ruby

Foreat Ruby Blue, or Luna

Marigold Chase

Marigold Chase OO or luna and swordtail even though no flamesilk

Crystal Snowfall

Crystal Snowfall Blue, Luna, or Swordtail

Marigold Chase

Marigold Chase Blue Luna or Flamesilkes/Silkwings

Luna Eclipse

Luna Eclipse Luna and Swordtail or Flamesilks

Night Jewel

Night Jewel Blue or Luna if not at least a silkwing with flamesilk

Tyler Finn

Tyler Finn blue and luna

Anna Beaumier

Anna Beaumier Blue? I dont read the 15…

Fern Quill

Fern Quill Luna, probably....Or maybe Blue....

Caramel Nighthunter

Caramel Nighthunter blue, luna?

Jay Birb

Jay Birb Maybe Blue and Luna? Or Luna and Swordtail?

Banned User

Banned User Umm... the riddle might also mean Firescales. Is it Peril?

Jemma Mist

Jemma Mist I think it is flamesilks. Or maybe Blue or Luna???

Vio dark

Vio dark Luna or Blue but defiantly Flamesilks

shadow seeker

shadow seeker Couldn't tell ya

Miranda flores

Miranda flores hello

Finley Weasley

Finley Weasley Flamesilks. . . Luna and Blue?

Chrystal oh

Chrystal oh Definitely Silkwing... Maybe Luna or Blue?

Jewel Sunstone

Jewel Sunstone Flamesilks. Maybe Luna? Or Blue?

Ivy Thornbranch

Ivy Thornbranch Flamesilks! Or SilkWings? Maybe Blue or Luna?

Harmony Starling

Harmony Starling SilkWings! =D

Timber Woods

Timber Woods It’s either flamesilks or Blue and Luna

Noki Ryui

Noki Ryui Flamesilks?

Clover Fox

Clover Fox Flamesilks

star Crescent

star Crescent Blue and Luna? Two SPECIFIC dragons, right?

Riley Shattuck

Riley Shattuck Flamesilks makes sense- it’s dragon so I was thinking specific dragon, maybe Admiral if it is? Also happy pride month to you too!

Aiko Jina

Aiko Jina Flamesilks

Riley Shattuck

Riley Shattuck Uhhhh

Dawn Eclipse

Dawn Eclipse The Flamesilks!

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