Finish That Story! Volume 1
Welcome, dragonets, to "Finish That Story!", where you'll be able to read short story prompts and provide your own twist on them. We hope you enjoy!

- From : Kiyoko Song

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Incorrect Maker

Incorrect Maker XDDDDDDDDDDD

Ivy Thornbranch

Ivy Thornbranch Oh wow, I've never heard of grass water before! It sounds tasty :P

Seed Bartles

Seed Bartles Ah yes, grass water :3 aAAaAaANd oOooOoo fancY

Tasha Lightwell

Tasha Lightwell Making grass water is a very complicated process. First, you must grab a handful of the finest grass available. Next, you must smash it into a pulp and leave it in hot water (with a teaspoon of mud) for an hour. After an hour, you drain all the liquid into a glass cup, and place dirt on the rim of the cup. Lastly, you drink it. Enjoy! :D

Lysander Winters

Lysander Winters Grass water is just like tea- but with a bit of dirt and some rocks :3

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