A Week In The Academy! Vol 7!
Welcome back to another edition of Shroom's "A Week In The Academy"! Enjoy, and we look forward to seeing you next week!

- From : Kiyoko Song

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Donogan Wrift

Donogan Wrift I’ll be mindful of the upcoming weather this week. And, congratulations Niander! I got a ton of shirts and some other gifts.

Storm Queen

Storm Queen Congrats! I got tons of clothes!

Opal Yuni

Opal Yuni Congrats Niander!!!! I got an MP3 player :D

Seed Bartles


Liliana Winter

Liliana Winter Congrats Niander! I got some nice clothes this year!

Aurora Sanchez

Aurora Sanchez I got what I always wanted since I was 8- dragon figurines- Maybe I'm a lil too old for that

Ivy Thornbranch

Ivy Thornbranch Yay Quartz!!! Congratulations Niander!!!!!

Tasha Lightwell

Tasha Lightwell I got clothes and…clothes lol

Zilla Summers

Zilla Summers Noice :D

Max Stuton

Max Stuton Go Quartz!!! Congrats Niander!!

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