Fast Facts!
Hello Hello! Here Yahli with the section about our favorite dragons! These are a few fast facts to get to know to all of them a little more at a glance. I hope you like it!!

- From : Yahli Morningstar

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Laura Ipicthes

Laura Ipicthes I didn't know there was a characer called Prudence

Banned User

Banned User I love it!

Misty Wave

Misty Wave That’s rly cool!

Maple LeafWing

Maple LeafWing Interesting.

Roman Hearthstone

Roman Hearthstone Ooh, those are some fun fast facts C: There's a lot of things I didn't know about Darkstalker, apparently

Garrett Marshall

Garrett Marshall Oh awesome!!

Ashlynn Holland

Ashlynn Holland Wait... He is how old exactly?

Eirlys Lucelence

Eirlys Lucelence good to know :o

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