This or that!
Our handsome new boysen Loren, for now, continues with the 'This or that' section. Dedicated to the curious who want to know more about our staff. Guess who it is today?

- From : Yahli Morningstar

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Sidney Fallon

Sidney Fallon Finally someone else who agrees the mountains are better than the beach!

Kallista Starfrond

Kallista Starfrond Yes to all of those but CATS ARE BETTER THAN DOGS jdfhdsa XD

Naomi Rothláin

Naomi Rothláin I agree with all these choices x'D Except the summer/fall thing.. Spring is the one to go for :P

Garrett Marshall

Garrett Marshall Hmm interesting choices!!

Ashlynn Holland

Ashlynn Holland Mountains over the beach :O I am shocked!

Banned User

Banned User Choosing dogs over cats? Hmph. But forgiveable seeing your other choices <3

Elvire Debrosse

Elvire Debrosse Interesting choices... O:

Nadine Cameron

Nadine Cameron Amazing!

Yahli Morningstar

Yahli Morningstar Welcome to the team, dear Loren! <3

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