Guess The Picture! Vol. 2!
Hello hello! We are back with another new blog for you all! Join Isa and the Transmission team as they present to you a series of images for you to decipher! Get those beady dragon eyes looking deep and there may be a prize in it for you!

- From : Orion Everglade

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Crystal Patchouli

Crystal Patchouli orange utan

DarkerLighterDragon Stalker

DarkerLighterDragon Stalker orangutan obv

Peace Speaker

Peace Speaker Orangutan

Honey Sun

Honey Sun Orangutan on Ulalia's shoulders on a yacht wearing a sombrero. "ORANGUTAN" I have to say

Kethra Storm

Kethra Storm Hmm, looks to me like an orangutan as well! Lovely, Isa! (Lia- xD)

Sky Cherry

Sky Cherry Orangutan wearing a sombrero on a yacht with ulalia

Davis Bartley

Davis Bartley Yes, orangutan. The orange monkey.

Banned User

Banned User It’s an orangutan

Zeke Damaris

Zeke Damaris This article is amazing! It might be an orangutan.

Kika Wonderwings

Kika Wonderwings bruh that was easy

Kika Wonderwings

Kika Wonderwings orangutan

Ocean Sky

Ocean Sky orangatan

Regina Woods

Regina Woods An orangutan

Vienna Sukola

Vienna Sukola It's either Ulalia or an orangutan. (I choose an orangutan ;))

Dylyn Williams

Dylyn Williams Wait no its totally me, not an orangutan at all. *im obviously guessing orangutan*

Fleet Whitlocke

Fleet Whitlocke Is…is it Ulalia’s yacht?

aidan darkshadow

aidan darkshadow orangutan although it does kind of look like ula....

Lakile Feriuno

Lakile Feriuno Ooh, I’m going to guess Orangutan? Great blog, Isa! ♡︎

Shoshana Ellington

Shoshana Ellington Wait no I take it back, it's starting to look like that beautiful yacht I drew...

Sam Blackcap

Sam Blackcap Orangutan

Banned User

Banned User Is it an orangutang?

Shoshana Ellington

Shoshana Ellington It's me, guys

Willow Reed

Willow Reed orangutan? :D

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