Another fortnight has passed and that means we are going on a trip !! We leave our world of Dragons again to visit one of the most beautiful, although cold lands of the WoX world. Do you dare to play in one of the most dangerous worlds ??

- From : Yahli Morningstar

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Banned User

Banned User amazing job @Yahli Morningstar

Jovie Marvelles

Jovie Marvelles I love this! WoT and Jorvan are *wonderful*!

Garrett Marshall

Garrett Marshall This is wonderful! A joy to read

Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee Nice, I love reading about things like this.

Irena Brunshire

Irena Brunshire Waaah this is awesome! :O

Kingston Fallon

Kingston Fallon Oh whaa this is such a good idea for a blog and it's so well done! :D

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