Guess That Dragon | #1
Want to test your Wings of Fire knowledge? This is the perfect place to do so! See if you can figure out the riddles to figure out the dragon of the week!

- From : Alexander Winters

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Super scream

Super scream Queen Glory

Aphiro NightWing

Aphiro NightWing QUEEN GLORY! Definitely. That one was easy.

Wynter Amaris

Wynter Amaris Queen Glory.

Star Amberhood

Star Amberhood Queen Glory, Most definetly!

Rosewood Imyndunarafl

Rosewood Imyndunarafl Queen Glory, definitely

Cara Liu

Cara Liu Glory

Ayla Djukanovic

Ayla Djukanovic Sunny?

Ayla Djukanovic

Ayla Djukanovic Why so many 'Glory' votes.

Scar Talonson

Scar Talonson GLORY!

Violet Dragonblood

Violet Dragonblood Glory of the rainwings

Amber Stormclaws

Amber Stormclaws Glory, the RainWing NightWing queen

Cole Drebert

Cole Drebert GLORY

Luna Lundmark

Luna Lundmark Glory

Bug Claw

Bug Claw Glory

Sam Scales

Sam Scales G L O R Y

Foreat Ruby

Foreat Ruby Glory

Luna Eclipse

Luna Eclipse Glory

Tyler Finn

Tyler Finn glory

Anna Beaumier

Anna Beaumier Glory!

Anna Beaumier

Anna Beaumier Glory!

Caramel Nighthunter

Caramel Nighthunter Glory

Corn Dragonbite

Corn Dragonbite Glory

Ash Falls

Ash Falls Glory bro easssssssy

Alex Sacks

Alex Sacks obviously it would be glory everyone should know this if they Red Wings of Fire

Night Jewel

Night Jewel Glory!

Marigold Chase

Marigold Chase Glory

glow catcher

glow catcher Glory

Conch Sunbeam

Conch Sunbeam Glory

blizzard sand

blizzard sand glory

Eben Drebert

Eben Drebert Queen Glory of the Rainwings/Nightwings Deathbringers mate

Rose Pebble

Rose Pebble Queen Glory

conner trent

conner trent glory ez

darkstalker feilds

darkstalker feilds queen glory of the night and rain wings

Banned User

Banned User Queen Glory

Salvador Sun

Salvador Sun Why Qibil ofc. /j

Acid Storm

Acid Storm Queen Glory

Holly Sky

Holly Sky Well its Glory! Er no Queen Glory

Harmony Starling

Harmony Starling Queen Glory

Jaylen Fawn

Jaylen Fawn Queen Glory, of course!!

Banned User

Banned User Glory, obviously.

Emma Kyber

Emma Kyber Queen Glory

Cora Springgem

Cora Springgem Queen Glory

Fey Rin

Fey Rin QUEEN GLORY There's no other choice than queen Glory of the rainwings and nightwings

Fall Lynne

Fall Lynne Queen Glory of the rainwings and nightwings

Naomi Rivermask

Naomi Rivermask Queen Glory of the rainwings and nightwings

Noki Ryui

Noki Ryui Glory

Aims Cody

Aims Cody Queen glory

Sienna Lily

Sienna Lily Queen Glory

Ivy Thornbranch

Ivy Thornbranch Glory!

Chrystal oh

Chrystal oh Glory!

Dawn Sapphire

Dawn Sapphire Glory!!!!!!!!!

Clover Fox

Clover Fox Glory!

Crystal Sunshine

Crystal Sunshine Most definitely Queen Glory of the Rainwings!

Hydra Fai

Hydra Fai Queen Glory

Kyra Finder

Kyra Finder Queen Glory of the rainwings and Nightwings

Riley Shattuck

Riley Shattuck Well this is easy! You said replacement and it was smooth sailing. It’s Queen Glory of the RainWings and NightWings

Moonshadow Faith

Moonshadow Faith It is the best Queen ever, Queen Glory

Brooklyn Sasha

Brooklyn Sasha Queen Glory of the Rainwings!

Jesse Collymore

Jesse Collymore Glory

Rue Plushie

Rue Plushie Queen Glory!

Hind Sight

Hind Sight yeah this was kinda easy

Skyler Evergreen

Skyler Evergreen Glory

Valacey Sumer

Valacey Sumer One of the most wonderful Rain wings I have ever known! Except for Grasshopper my Animus OC from my Book B) GOOD JOB SCORPIA!!!

Valacey Sumer

Valacey Sumer QUEEN GLORY

Emerald Sparrow

Emerald Sparrow As soon as i heard the second clue,i knew it was Glory.

Cali Claw

Cali Claw Tsunami

Timber Woods

Timber Woods It’s definitely Glory. Ruling over Rain and Night. Not meant to be one of five but is.

qibli Merlin

qibli Merlin glory

Rex Nial

Rex Nial Glory

Quincy Aytekin

Quincy Aytekin It's definitely me, obviously

Foresight Sapphire

Foresight Sapphire It’s Glory! :)

Herald Archen

Herald Archen Glory

Night Diamond

Night Diamond Glory

Aiko Jina

Aiko Jina Glory?

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