Guess That Dragon! #1
Have you practically studied the Wings of Fire books? Want to test your knowledge of them? Well, Ace Fallon is here to put you to the test! Come guess this weeks dragon!

- From : Lavinia Valerio

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Vincy Ha

Vincy Ha Icicle

sage hail

sage hail its tundra

Clearwing Ocol

Clearwing Ocol Its probably winter

Lavender Mer

Lavender Mer Sooooo Winter

Ash Neal

Ash Neal Icicle

sage hail

sage hail Tundra?

Alex Raven

Alex Raven Queen Snowfall?

Moonwatcher Shapesinger

Moonwatcher Shapesinger Icicle

Arrow Forest

Arrow Forest winter

Seed Bartles

Seed Bartles I'm going with icicle, she's prickly as heck and definitely takes what she wants

Charlotte Lupine

Charlotte Lupine Icicle

Clover Fox

Clover Fox Winter? :eyes:

Ivy Thornbranch

Ivy Thornbranch Hmm… There are a lot if prickly royal IceWings XD I geuss Arctic!

Froststrike Diamond

Froststrike Diamond Winter

Star Might

Star Might Winter

Bug Claw

Bug Claw Winter

Viola Silverstring

Viola Silverstring I’m also going to say Winter. I can’t find another answer.

Bird Watcher

Bird Watcher Winter

Abbigail Johnston

Abbigail Johnston Winter

Banned User

Banned User Snowfall

Lucky Starla

Lucky Starla Stuck between Winter Snowfall and Icicle. Because winter and icicle related and both take what they want, and Snowfall doesn't wear crown bc it was cursed

Storm Queen

Storm Queen Icicle?

Amelia Brennev

Amelia Brennev Winter? Maybe

Artemis Tryphena

Artemis Tryphena Winter

Elayne Konno

Elayne Konno Winter

zenia kirkegaard

zenia kirkegaard Icicle

Celeste Song

Celeste Song 'I take what I want' Icicle?

Madi Bluefin

Madi Bluefin Winter I think...

Nate Silver

Nate Silver That’s winter.

jaxon van

jaxon van winter

Silas wolf

Silas wolf Winter?

Aurora Sanchez

Aurora Sanchez Flint Mealer

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