Hello, again, Pyrrhians! I am back again this week, bringing you another "Would You Rather"! Don't forget to answer in the comments below!

- From : Jovie Marvelles

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Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith Pop/def/knowledge/change minds :D

Juliet Jacobs

Juliet Jacobs Popular/ blind/ looks/ read minds

Garrett Marshall

Garrett Marshall I'd love to be able to change minds! FAB article!

Caiden Amherst

Caiden Amherst Popular! I dont like being ignored :P

Blake Strike

Blake Strike That's easy I would like to be most popular cause I love having friends, (UwU) and I would not use my dragon site cause well my character be blind in one eye now anyways (O_O) and honestly best looks cause like why the heck not? (XD) and beable to read mind because well im part nightwing sooooo.. (:P)

Owain Saunders

Owain Saunders Easy, ignored, n/a sight, I've already got the best looks so knowledge, chnage minds

Livinia Ulyana

Livinia Ulyana Ooh, this is interesting and hard choices! Most ignored, not be able to hear (I could learn to read lips), have the most knowledge and be able to change minds.

Kingston Fallon

Kingston Fallon Ohh Popular, not be able to use dragon hearing, best looks B), and change minds :D

Banned User

Banned User Ooh I am more on the left òwó

Yahli Morningstar

Yahli Morningstar Change minds, uh? I think I would rather be the most ignored if I could do this in others!! xD Great job, lovely Jovie!! <3

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