Interviews with Opal! 9
Here's to a brand new blog from our wonderful Transmissioner - Opal! Look through as she interviews the wonderful folk of The Academy!

- From : Lavinia Valerio

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Alex Raven

Alex Raven Are you asleep? XD

Alex Raven

Alex Raven What question can you never answer yes to:

Ivy Thornbranch

Ivy Thornbranch Awesome blog! And great interveiw :D

connie halle

connie halle .........

Jayden Hunt

Jayden Hunt good responses angle

jaxon van

jaxon van the answer is: Are you asleep yet?

Hurricane Frowley

Hurricane Frowley Great blog!!! Love the dad jokes xDDD

Lavinia Valerio

Lavinia Valerio Amazing interview Angel & Opal!

Natasha Lewis

Natasha Lewis Great interview!

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