Name of the week #2
New week, new name. Come drop by every week to see who it is!

- From : Banned User

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Irene York

Irene York Ooh this article is interesting!

Aegis Sagittaria

Aegis Sagittaria jwellyfwish is me likey. the meaning behind it is noice

Quinn Rowe

Quinn Rowe Yay Arte! I remember coming up with this name with you, it was really fun :3

Avram Flows

Avram Flows Hehe. Jellyfish.

Banned User

Banned User Congo rats ^^

Dusty Carve

Dusty Carve It is, a very cool name u.u

bandent wing

bandent wing Congratulations.

Alabastrine Lilywalker

Alabastrine Lilywalker Very nice!!!

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