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Every Wednesday is a new person ;)

- From : Valentine Monroe

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Ayla Carnation

Ayla Carnation Oh my goodieness! XDD. Avery- ilysm for typing that XDD. And thankies for congratulating me! And omg yes Salmon Representive right here guys *harlip* and avery you are physic <33 So thankie again! xD And Basil your just so wise how could I not love the wiseness. Alr anyways! Ayla out~ ( apply for Salmon ;) )

Basil Medici

Basil Medici Ayla. You are awesome. XD I love that my words of wisdom make you happy, and oH YeAh salmon representation!! And Casos is superior xD

avery cronin

avery cronin Guess what, i was looking at "user spotlight" and i was like, AYLA, It was psychic im so amazing also not to mention CG YOU SLaY SO MUCH SLAYMON SO GO SLAY SOME MORE!!! IM SO PROUD OF U UR SO AMAZING!!!!! GO AYLa!!!!! UR DA BEST SALMON!!!!! I KNEW IT WAS GONNA BE YOU CAUSE YOU SLAY THAT SPOTLIGHT!!!!! ILYYYYY AYLA!!!!!!!!!<33333

Periwinkle Kaputa

Periwinkle Kaputa CG! Ayla!

Aegis Sagittaria

Aegis Sagittaria Eeee Congo rats Aylaaaa!

Quincy Aytekin

Quincy Aytekin Congrats Ayla!

Isabella Laurier

Isabella Laurier Yay, go Ayla, you're awesome! This code is so pretty! Have an awesome day guys!

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