Wings of Fire Dragons
What Wings of Fire dragon would you be and why?

- From : Alana Monroe

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Genevieve Rhoades

Genevieve Rhoades I would be a rainwing! I love Queen Glory. She is the best.

Pearl McKinney

Pearl McKinney An IceWing, but one of the outer circle ones, since I'm not too good at following rules. I love the cold, though, and I'm probably snooty enough XD

Aegis Sagittaria

Aegis Sagittaria I would be a Rainwing, or a Hivewing, cuz of all their toxic boxic powers! Sho cool!

tom raven

tom raven I would be a rianwing because glory us the best dragon (in my opinion) I also like kinkajou.

tom raven

tom raven I would be a rianwing because glory us the best dragon (in my opinion) I also like kinkajou.

Samantha Sunflower

Samantha Sunflower I think I would be a rainwing because they have lots of colors that make me feel very happy inside- and I guess I kinda act like em? Did you know that rainwings use their tails to swing from trees? Also, lovely article! ^^

dug HHarriot

dug HHarriot id like to be a skywing with firescales because i love Peril in the story of WoF so thats the dragon i would want to be. :)

Daniel Stevenson

Daniel Stevenson I would be a Rainwing. their personality matches my own, also love all the colors.

Jack Guiladdi

Jack Guiladdi I would be an IceWing because blue is my favorite color, and they are good at fighting.

solar t

solar t ice wing for me (even though I hate winter time) sometimes I'm aggressive towards others or sometimes a little strict

Hazel Autumn

Hazel Autumn I'd want to be a rainwing because 1 they are just awsome and 2 I COULD BE PURPLE =D

Jessica Hirakawa

Jessica Hirakawa I'm just going to be honest, I want to be a Leafwing or Hivewing, but I'll probably end up as a Mudwing... I love eating and sleeping, but also fighting sometimes!!

Moon Sneezer

Moon Sneezer I would be a Leafwing, they're really pretty and their abilities are cool

Glorious Big Boss

Glorious Big Boss RainWing 'cause I do love sleeping and... uh... sometimes I wish I was invisible. And... like, just, ~glOrY~.

Void Adolphsen

Void Adolphsen Rainwing because I always saw their abilities, change in looks, and nice personalities to be cool (Let's hope I was able to word that correctly now lol)

Asher Phoenix

Asher Phoenix I would probably be a NightWing-SilkWing

Effie River

Effie River I think I’d be a NightWing. It is more my personality, irl.

Effie River

Effie River Nice article!

Linn Pole

Linn Pole Good job

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