A Week in The Academy! Vol 2!
Hello yes YOU! Welcome to our blog from the wonderful Shroom as they take you through a week in the Academy! Read on to find out what you have missed!

- From : Garrett Marshall

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Ivy Thornbranch

Ivy Thornbranch I prefer being outside! It's more exciting!

Luke Maze

Luke Maze Star Fire is a member of the Plot team now. I think she gonna do great! :D

Banned User

Banned User Havent gotten a job yet, but I applied for hall moniter.

Noki Ryui

Noki Ryui Inside

Naomi Rivermask

Naomi Rivermask outside is the best, fresh air and fall is so beautiful and lovely

Maddie Scott

Maddie Scott Outside!! (Most of the time… just not when it’s very warm…) I love autumn especially!!!

Riley Shattuck

Riley Shattuck Inside. Then I can be on WoJM without either freezing, melting, or getting wet.

Kathryn Goldson

Kathryn Goldson OOH! WOOHOO SHROOM

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