A Week in The Academy! Vol 4!
Well Shroom is back with an update Slightly later but Garrett's slowness I assure you! Enjoy!

- From : Garrett Marshall

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Madeline Onyx

Madeline Onyx pants

ShadowHunter Shade

ShadowHunter Shade I'd say i like pants more.-Cuz then your knee's wont get so scratched up if you fall.

Olivia McDonald

Olivia McDonald Both! but i prefer shorts! XD

Ivy Thornbranch

Ivy Thornbranch This is amazing! I will for sure read Words of Fire as well, it sounds awesome. As for the question: I most certainly prefer pants! So much more comfy!

Kenji Kai

Kenji Kai I wear- both XD

Sienna Lily

Sienna Lily Shorts- they are so much breezier!

Alex Raven

Alex Raven Wow! My name! <3 I really hope I have time in between classes to help out! I like shorts better. XD I just ordered Words on Fire from my library Friday! XD It is amazing! Also read A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen (also author of Words on Fire)! It’s a great book!

Banned User

Banned User *shorts

Banned User

Banned User Shirts.

Naomi Rivermask

Naomi Rivermask you spelled Eben's last name wrong!

Bug Claw

Bug Claw I like pants better. There are more varieties and I love how they go with so many outfits!

Eben Drebert

Eben Drebert Jeans. My normal clothes are black jeans and a red t-shirt.

Kathryn Goldson

Kathryn Goldson Skorts or baggy shorts I love during the summer, though pants can be better. Depends on my outfit!

Riley Shattuck

Riley Shattuck Depends, what kind of pants

Moonfire Crescent

Moonfire Crescent Pants... Pants.. pants and more pants!

qibli Merlin

qibli Merlin SHORTS

Lunar Brightstar

Lunar Brightstar PANTS! They cover my legs and they are SUPER comfy!

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