Welcome back, Pyrrhians! Enjoy the latest version of "Would You Rather?" and be sure to comment your choices below!

- From : Jovie Marvelles

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Juliet Jacobs

Juliet Jacobs 1 arm/ read minds/ best friend/ glowing

Banned User

Banned User one arm, read minds, best friend, sparkly scales

Madison Strickland

Madison Strickland I would want one arm, be able to spit acid, be a best friend and have glowing scales that way I could see in the dark!

Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee One arm, spit acid (I'd rather not know what my students think of me when I do something foolish), Best friend of course, and for the last one, glowing if I could cover my eyes with something at night so they wouldn't keep me awake.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry i wold rather have 1 arm, be able to spit acid, be the Overseers best friend and have glowing scales

Dawn Nightwing

Dawn Nightwing Oooh, these are some good ones! I'd rather have only 1 scavenger arm, be able to read minds, be the Overseer's best friend, and have sparkly scales!

Livinia Ulyana

Livinia Ulyana Ooh, I'd rather have one scavenger arm, be able to read minds, be the Overseer's best friend (or enemy, real hard choice here!) and have sparkly scales!

Blake Strike

Blake Strike 1 scavanger arm, read minds, (cause um why not!!) worst enemy, and glowing scales (i like glowing sparkles are annoying)\

Yahli Morningstar

Yahli Morningstar Uooo!! I like sparkly scales, so I choose the first option !! Excellent, Jovie !! And thanks!! <3

Kingston Fallon

Kingston Fallon Oh easy peasy! 1 scavenger arm (cool prosthetics), Spit acid (i don't wanna know what people think xD), best friends cause i love friends!, and sparkly scales (give me all the glitter).

Jovie Marvelles

Jovie Marvelles Okay, okay! I would do: Have only 1 Scavenger arm, be able to read minds, be the Overseer's biggest enemy (mehehehe), and have sparkly scales!

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