A Week in The Academy!
Hello yes YOU! Welcome to our new blog from the wonderful Shroom as they take you through a week in the Academy! Read on to find out what you have missed!

- From : Garrett Marshall

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willow dragonbind

willow dragonbind I prefer icecream floats definitely

Noki Ryui

Noki Ryui Milkshakes. I’ve never had floats

Maddy Potter

Maddy Potter Milkshakes. Delicious! I love them so much

Ivory Gray

Ivory Gray I prefer milkshakes!

Sienna Lily

Sienna Lily Milkshakes! Definitely! Also, amazing article!

Lavinia Valerio

Lavinia Valerio awh thank you shroomy! milkshakes are definitely better!

Ivy Thornbranch

Ivy Thornbranch This is amazing, Shroom!!!! I definitely prefer icecream floats.

Bug Claw

Bug Claw I prefer milkshakes. They are delicious!

Storm Queen

Storm Queen Milkshakes bc I’ve never known what a ice cream float was until I searched it up.

Cardinal Deathsong

Cardinal Deathsong Ice cream floats. Obviously. I mean, Milkshakes used to be my obsession, but they do something weird to my throat. And Kathryn - an Ice Cream Float is when you just take some Ice Cream and put it in a soda. It's amazing. And ye! Great job Shroom!

Maddie Scott

Maddie Scott Wowowow!!! Also, definitely prefer ice cream floats u.u

Opal Yuni

Opal Yuni Great job Shroom! :D Also, I prefer milkshakes

Nova Starwood

Nova Starwood Ice Cream floats, easy!

Banned User


Eben Drebert

Eben Drebert Ice cream floats!! Shroom, this was amazing!!!

Shroom Blossom

Shroom Blossom :D Ty guys for the support. I personally love milkshakes better too- But dont tell anyone >.>

Riley Shattuck

Riley Shattuck Yay Shroom! Milkshakes all the way.

Kathryn Goldson

Kathryn Goldson WOOHOO!!!! Go Shroom! Also, milkshakes. What even is an Ice Cream Float?

Naomi Rivermask


Garrett Marshall

Garrett Marshall Great Blog Shroom! Can't wait to see the next one !

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