A Week in The Academy! Vol 3!
Hello yes YOU! Welcome to our blog from the wonderful Shroom as they take you through a week in the Academy! Read on to find out what you have missed!

- From : Garrett Marshall

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Trinity Heart

Trinity Heart Computer!

Sunset Matousek

Sunset Matousek Computer typing on a phone is sooooo hard

Sunset Matousek

Sunset Matousek Computer typing on a phone is sooooo hard

Sienna Lily

Sienna Lily Definitely a computer! Doing it on mobile is soooo hard for me- too many typos!

Naomi Rivermask

Naomi Rivermask computer!

Maddie Scott

Maddie Scott Computer, 100%. The Clickety sound is soooo satisfying. And I always have so many typos on my phone… D:

Cardinal Deathsong

Cardinal Deathsong Computer for sure. I grew up typing on a Computer, and trying to type on my parents' phones for them while they're driving just feels - awkward. Plus, Computers are much faster as well, and it's easier to control and manage your gaming on a Computer. Because they're faster, you've got a better chance at scoring catastrophes.

Alex Raven

Alex Raven Where is my name?!

Alex Raven

Alex Raven Computer for me! XD

Liliana Winter

Liliana Winter I prefer typing on my computer! I can spell a lot of things better on the computer than my phone. XD

Lavinia Valerio

Lavinia Valerio I prefer typing on my computer!

Kathryn Goldson

Kathryn Goldson Computer, all the way.

Storm Queen

Storm Queen I prefer typing on phone

Bug Claw

Bug Claw I prefer typing on my computer because it is easier for me.

Opal Yuni

Opal Yuni Amazing Blog Shroom! And thank you, also, I prefer typing on the computer, it's much, much easier than a phone ;)

Banned User

Banned User Computer. Phones are too small

Ylva Thorsten

Ylva Thorsten computer all the way, phones hate me.

Ivy Thornbranch

Ivy Thornbranch I much prefer typing on the computer!! :3

Rosewood Imyndunarafl

Rosewood Imyndunarafl Typing on the computer is much nicer than on the phone. With each tap, you can imagine yourself at a wooden desk, the typewriter clicking away, as you finish the last chapter for a book that you've been writing in the morning sun! It is almost heaven!

Eben Drebert

Eben Drebert Computer lol

Lunar Brightstar

Lunar Brightstar Wow amazing article Shroom!

star Crescent

star Crescent Another wonderful blog, Shroom! :D I prefer typing on my phone.

Emma Forest

Emma Forest Oh SHooT- Tping on phone or computer- I TYPO ON BOTH OF- wonderful blog!!! :D

Bast Rainwing

Bast Rainwing Computer

Regan Birthloom

Regan Birthloom Computer all the way. It goes so much faster

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