Guess The Picture! Vol 1!
Hello hello! We are back with another new blog for you all! Join Isa and the Transmission team as they present to you a series of images for you to decipher! Get those beady dragon eyes looking deep and there may be a prize in it for you!

- From : Garrett Marshall

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Eve Lacey

Eve Lacey Oh sorry, I saw that in a different one

Eve Lacey

Eve Lacey Guys You are not allowed to put the answers in the chat’

Sunshine Wyvern

Sunshine Wyvern Apples!

Crystal Patchouli

Crystal Patchouli I prefer green ones

Crystal Patchouli

Crystal Patchouli apples :D

DarkerLighterDragon Stalker

DarkerLighterDragon Stalker apples obv

Honey Sun

Honey Sun appley red

Ocean Sky

Ocean Sky apples

Twilight Moonstar

Twilight Moonstar Three red APPLES!!! right?

Kethra Storm

Kethra Storm Ooh, lovely blog Isa! As for the picture, I'll have to say apples as well!

Lunar Leaf

Lunar Leaf 3 apples

Erin collins

Erin collins 3 apples

Calder Blackthorne

Calder Blackthorne Gah... peaches or apples? I guess Apples because A comes first!

silver night

silver night apples

Banned User

Banned User It's three apples.

Alaska Gilbert

Alaska Gilbert Nice series!! It's an apple

Ashi Legum

Ashi Legum Amazing blog! Either apple or tomato!

Lakile Feriuno

Lakile Feriuno Love the blog, Isa! And my guess is going to be an apple?

Yahli Morningstar

Yahli Morningstar ohh, awesome new blooog!

Banned User

Banned User Three red apples!!

Zosime LinkX

Zosime LinkX Apples!! Three apples! I love apples!! Perhaps those are Gala, or Ambrosia apples?

Davis Bartley

Davis Bartley Tree apples. I mean- three apples.

Regina Woods

Regina Woods Amazing article, Isa! And I'm guessing it's apples

Shoshana Ellington

Shoshana Ellington Tomato?

Max Anderson

Max Anderson A group of three apples.

aidan darkshadow

aidan darkshadow peach?

Vienna Sukola

Vienna Sukola Apple~

Zeke Damaris

Zeke Damaris Amazing and fun article. I have to guess Apple :)

Liv Prior

Liv Prior Apple

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