Guess That Song!

Volume 23

Hey there, wonderful users of World of Jade mountain! It's Anna and this week, there is a new post called What's That Song?. Every week we pick a different song for you to guess not only the name of the song but also the artist who made it. We will give you three clues to help you . The clues could be anything and the style of song could also be very different.

Last week's song was : When Will I See You Again by Owl City from the movie Wreck It Ralph. Yep, Owl City sang this amazing dance pop tune that will surely get you up and dancing.

This Week's Clues

1. This song was released in 2010
2. The song’s style is punk rock
3. This singer sang had a title of a song which is a tree

The Rules

1. No placing the name of the song in the comments.
2. If you guess the song you’ll get some dragon candies!
3. If you guess the song and artist you get a best dragon trophy and some dragon candies.

So if you know the song and artist please send me a letter and remember, do not post your guess in the comments below!

Have fun, be courageous, be yourself,

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