SoMe History with Roman




Hello, Academians!
It’s Roman here, bringing to you another little bundle of knowledge on Pyrrhia and Pantala’s history. Today, we’ll be learning about the SeaWing dragon Orca.

Orca was a SeaWing princess, daughter of Queen Coral and her husband Gill. She was an ambitious and power-hungry dragon as her actions prove, starting off with the fact that secretly, Orca was an animus. No one knew of her special abilities, and she was very careful not to change that fact. As a matter of fact, she had a devious plan formed.

Orca, as her mother had said, was a talented artist, and therefore it didn’t come as a surprise that she had sculpted a beautiful marble statue of herself to be placed into the Royal Hatchery. Unbeknownst to the Queen, she had enchanted the statue to destroy any eggs from which the throne’s heirs would have hatched. Soon afterwards, Orca challenged her mother for the SeaWing throne. She was winning even though she was merely seven years old at the time and she didn’t use her animus powers to show that she could win in a fair fight. In the end, Queen Coral killed her, keeping her throne.

The Queen held Orca in high regard, grieving her even though many dragons of the tribe didn’t trust her. Her first scroll was inspired by her daughter’s life and named The Tragedy of Orca.



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