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Today we present a new section with a new and completely different style: a collaborative column. A similar idea that we three had, finally, is open to the entire Academy!!

- From : Yahli Morningstar

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Roman Hearthstone

Roman Hearthstone ((How did I only just find this?)) The art's amazing, and I'll be sure to send the picture of the dragon painting I'm making over as soon as it's done. Great job, fellow boysen!

Sidney Fallon

Sidney Fallon This is some incredible art! I can't wait to see more :3

Accalia Eclipse

Accalia Eclipse Great!

Zeke Damaris

Zeke Damaris I love it :D

Emma Forest

Emma Forest nice! :D

Naressa Queen

Naressa Queen Awesome!

lunar eclipse

lunar eclipse wow

Kallista Starfrond

Kallista Starfrond Wonderful job Fitz! <33 Love the artwork!

Nova Star

Nova Star Beautiful

Ashlynn Holland

Ashlynn Holland I wish I was creative like that! My only art are my stories, but this is something else completely! Great article you guys!

India Thomson

India Thomson Beautiful artwork, and so informational, awesome first blog article, Fitz! :D <3

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