SoMe History with Roman!
Roman is here again!! And he is going to bring us some another Event in the History of Wings of Fire. Go ahead, are you going to miss it?

- From : Garrett Marshall

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Lilly Fox

Lilly Fox tit is grate that the war is over

Erlan Holland

Erlan Holland Ooooh yes chaos. Beautiful.

Ashlynn Holland

Ashlynn Holland I find it interesting that neither of the princesses actually became Queen

Kethra Storm

Kethra Storm Lovely Roman! Beautiful summary and very helpful <3

Electra Robinson

Electra Robinson Amazing article! Very interesting and informative! <3

Garrett Marshall

Garrett Marshall Oh a brilliant article! I always learn so much with you!

Yahli Morningstar

Yahli Morningstar Queen Oasis is one of my favorite characters! Lovely article Romey! <3

Zeke Damaris

Zeke Damaris Oh, amazing! I did not know that

Echo Black

Echo Black i didnt know they signed a peace treaty :0 good job

Calder Blackthorne

Calder Blackthorne You teach me so much! ;-; great one Roman!

Naressa Queen

Naressa Queen Marvelous article as always Rome, and so informative!

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