Name of the week
New week, new name. Come drop by every week to see who it is!

- From : Banned User

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Winter Petal

Winter Petal Great job Hazel!! <3

Spycyn VII

Spycyn VII this is great! CG Hazell

Foxglove Petal

Foxglove Petal The code is so pretty!!

Ayla Carnation

Ayla Carnation Oooh! I love this and the code! CG HAZELL! Salmon pridee <34

Crystal Blaze

Crystal Blaze Congratss! Btw this code slayss

Effie River

Effie River I love this idea!

Basil Medici

Basil Medici This is a really cool series :0 and cg Hazel!

Aracelli Lopez

Aracelli Lopez OMG CONGO RATS! This is so awesomesauce! :D

Lime Spear

Lime Spear Congrats Hazel! Really Hope I’m The Name Of The Week Next Week.

bandent wing

bandent wing Congratulations.

avery cronin

avery cronin WOOOOO CG HAZEL!!!!! GO SALMON

Sophie Collins

Sophie Collins Yay! Hazel!

Cassidy Heart

Cassidy Heart CG HAZEL

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