All about Pyrrhia!
How much do you know about the continent of Pyrrhia? If you don't know much, don't worry, this blog is here to help!

- From : Isabella Laurier

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Michelle thorn

Michelle thorn nice

Rose Taylor

Rose Taylor Omg cool

Aegis Sagittaria

Aegis Sagittaria but NightWing powers are crazy cool too

Aegis Sagittaria

Aegis Sagittaria the part that states '(only moved in a few hundred years ago)' really had me laughing. I mean, ONLY??? Anyways, I love RainWings and their territory, they're obvs the best!

Emma Mikolajczyk

Emma Mikolajczyk ICEWINGS

Valkyrie Winters

Valkyrie Winters Wonderful blog! I'm not sure which is my favorite, they're all so amazing! I think Seawings, because I myself love water. But I also love the Icewing's sophistication and the Rainwing's life. But then there's the Nightwing POWERS.

Effie River

Effie River My favorite dragons are probably the SkyWings or NightWings. But I love the IceWing kingdom.

Moon Sneezer

Moon Sneezer Great blog! My favourites are Seawings, they have pretty ordinary physical weapons (eg. tail, claws, teeth) but they're still amazing fighters, and their kingdom is absolutely stunning.

Sienna Carr

Sienna Carr Amazing Blog, My fav tribe is Sandwings, Because there venomous and you can tell i love them cause i have made 3 sandwing headshot bases the base were made my glamoroussneaking and yea

Jazlynn Summerfield

Jazlynn Summerfield Amazing blog, Isa! I honestly love RainWings- they seem mellow but they are really quite dangerous. The rainforest where they live is quite cool as well! :D

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