Colors & Dragons
Each and every color has a meaning behind it, so let's take a look to see how these tie into the dragons of the World of Jade Mountain universe!

- From : Ilaria Kang

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momi jane

momi jane aww Sunny!

jessica jungclaus

jessica jungclaus i like black grey brown and any dark colors.. yellows to bright for me

Kindle Crane

Kindle Crane I like red, black, silver, gold, blue, yeah, you get it.

Millie Lamb

Millie Lamb I like purple,green, and blue :)

Tempest Frost

Tempest Frost I like cool floors like purple, blue, green, black, and silver :D

Amber Stormclaws

Amber Stormclaws I like silver

Amber Stormclaws

Amber Stormclaws LOVE IT I am a fan of colors :)

Harmony Starling

Harmony Starling This is nice, I like this~

Emma Jean

Emma Jean nice i love this

Riley Shattuck

Riley Shattuck This is such a lovely article! :D

Axle Fera

Axle Fera Yellow is my favourite colour xD this is a cool article, thanks!

Garrett Marshall

Garrett Marshall This is wonderful!

Salem Shadowfollower

Salem Shadowfollower Yellow is the perfect color for Sunny, lol. I rather enjoyed trading this.

Alexander Winters

Alexander Winters I love this so much. The color, the code, the whole thing is amazing. I think yellow is a perfect color for Sunny!

Amber Moonblaze

Amber Moonblaze When I see the color yellow, it reminds me of Bananas and Pastels.

Colossus Chua

Colossus Chua Yellow reminds me of bananas and star fruit :)

Clover Fox

Clover Fox I think yellow probably matches Sunny! It reflects her bright and optimistic personality really well.

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