Happy First Anniversary WoJM!
This week is a very, very special week. As you all know, yesterday was the First Anniversary of World of Jade Mountain. And we are celebrating it!!!

- From : Yahli Morningstar

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Ashlynn Holland

Ashlynn Holland Happy Birthday Jade Mountain

Naressa Queen

Naressa Queen Happy birthday WoJM!!!

Garrett Marshall

Garrett Marshall It was a honour to take part Yahli! Thank you SoMe for your super hard work!

Sophie Alberg

Sophie Alberg Happy birthday Jade Mountain and looking forward to another spectacular year with you all!! <333

Kallista Starfrond

Kallista Starfrond YES skjldfk happy birthday WoJM!!

Banned User

Banned User happy brithday WoJM

Zosime LinkX

Zosime LinkX Happy birthday WoJM!!!!

Dawn Nightwing

Dawn Nightwing Happy birthday WoJM!

Sara Kiser

Sara Kiser Yes, it was an amazing interview! :D

Romano Joneses

Romano Joneses Happy Birthday Jade Mountain Academy!

Zeke Damaris

Zeke Damaris What a nice interview!

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