Academy Highlights!
Our dear Delphi arrives again to tell us all the gossip! Do you want to know what is happening at the Academy? Well, don't miss her fantastic Blog !!

- From : Yahli Morningstar

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Sophie Alberg

Sophie Alberg Hold up, my name is Sophia now too!!! XD Lovely article Delphi and great interview and advice!! :D

Naomi Rothláin

Naomi Rothláin Great stuff!! Love the interview. Amazing job Delphi <3

JaeHyun Soo

JaeHyun Soo whoa this is good <3

Yahli Morningstar

Yahli Morningstar My lovely Delphi is amazing! <3

Garrett Marshall

Garrett Marshall I love this interview!! It is brilliant - i can't wait to see more!! Well done both of you!

Haley Gould

Haley Gould Amazing interview Daphine!

Skylar Jade

Skylar Jade Fantastic job!! Can't wait to see what you have planned next!! :D

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